All Massage is performed by me, Jessica, a fully trained, sexy  41 year old sophisticated masseuse with graceful beauty, immense charm and the natural ability to put you at ease immediately.

VCTC trained, achieving an ITEC diploma in Reflexology, Swedish massage and Indian head, as well as a guided intro into meditation and counselling, along with further training from a fabulous spa in Dubai whereby I was introduced to the wonderful benefits of a herbal Thai massage and tantric teachings I am able to offer you a whole host of powerful techniques.

Having explored many elements of my own sexuality I have achieved elevated sexual awareness, intense and prolonged orgasm, and multi orgasmic full body climaxes. Female ejaculation is merely one of the many many by-products of tantric training. Connecting with yourself and your own sexuality and sensuality, not only allows for sexual blocks or barriers to be broken down, but opens the pathway for a deeper connection sexually, intimately, and passionately. Tantra is the practise of falling more deeply in love with yourself, your partner, a lover, and extends itself to areas of your everyday life. Suddenly you will find that you have an on-going energy that you can tap into throughout your day. You may experience more easily an ease of mind and peacefulness that day to day life does not allow for. You may find that profound things will begin to take place in your life, and it is possible you will experience great healing when working with scared sexuality.